Left Glove by Mac Wellman


56 pages/Cover art and design by Jonathon Rosen
ISBN-13 978-0-9844142-0-8

From three-time Obie Award-winner Mac Wellman comes this complex and provocative play about two simple events. Yamaha Nazimova drops a glove. Jewel Beckett picks it up. Between these occurrences, a band of moths, fingers, demons, and all-too-human pronouns sing 27 choruses rich with puns, reversals, exclamations, whisperings, cries of loss, cries of victory, arguments, and resolutions. Turning dramatic convention on its head, Left Glove offers a profound view of a mishap and its ramifications in the public and private sphere. This paean to lost gloves everywhere covers and uncovers its methods and its radiance with grace and exhilaration.
In Left Glove, Mac Wellman makes a theater of fragments, of lost objects and unnoticed people, of waste and cast-off isolation. But this somehow never becomes a theater of alienation or lack or loneliness or emptiness. Left Glove is unique in showing how things that are broken or alone can nevertheless have their own fullness.
—Young Jean Lee
Chorus of One Resolved, that: Left Glove will fit thee like a glove if thou relishest the sort of play in which the most awe-inspiring acrobatic feats are performed by no other character than language. A left glove may have been lost, but here thou shall encounter dexterous play bountifully—not the telling of This and That in the established mode of articulation, right-handedly, for that's unglovely, and dull. And that is that. YEA.
—Mónica de la Torre

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