Randy Bradley by Jake Bohstedt Morrill


40 pages/Cover art by Michael Kupperman
ISBN-13 978-0-9844142-2-2

For years, Lucy has visited her sister Miriam each summer, but now? No more. The invitation has been retracted. Maybe because of Lucy's strange conversational word games? Or maybe the accidents that happen every time she visits? Randy Bradley, Miriam's former companion, could solve the problem—but unfortunately, he's been replaced. With this letter of vulnerability and protest, we enter the deranged and yet funnily human thought processes of a well-meaning plague of a houseguest, sympathetic but agitated, scholarly but naive, a misfunctioning buoy in a dark sea of repressed familial discomfort.
This taut and terrifying epistolary novella of toxicity between sisters is a triumph of thrillingly crazed elegance. Jake Bohstedt Morrill is a remarkable new writer.
—Gary Lutz
A cheerfully demented monologue on the subject of that which cannot be said, but which I'll say here anyway: Randy Bradley. Jake Bohstedt Morrill is a terrifically gifted writer.
—Ben Marcus

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